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Monday, August 23, 2010

Heart-to-Heart with Fariha Pervez


Sadaf Fayyaz

Published in Ink –The Entertainment Issue

Q1. What is your birthplace and where did you spend your childhood?

Fariha: I am an Aquarian, born on 2nd of February. My birth place is Lahore.

Q2. Introduce yourself to the readers.

I am a straight forward and a down to earth person. When producing my album I try to cater to the listening preferences of urban audiences. My songs range from upbeat of pop, to fusion of eastern classical/folk with western instrumentation.

Q3. Tell about your Education:

Bachelor of Arts

Q4. Tell about your music training and initial projects.

I got classical training from Master Feroze Gill and “Ustad Ghulam Hassain Shaggan" belonging to "Gwaliar Gharana". I started out by singing jingles and hosting a children's singing show by the name of "Aangan Aangan Taarey." I have worked on and released six albums so far, namely, “Nice & Naughty”, “Music Viewzik”, “Jhumka”, “O Vela Yad Kar”, “Piya” and “Passion”. While singing jingles, I met Sattar Khan who asked me to release my debut album," Nice & Naughty" in 1996, which became a massive hit. “Patang Baaz Sajna” is actually one of the tracks featured in my debut album with the creative mind of Sattar Khan, behind the musical endeavor. Besides these, I have also sung for some films such as “Chief Sahab”, Sailab”, “Ghoongat” and “Moosa Khan”.

Q5.In which language you love singing?

Fariha: I love singing in Urdu and Punjabi.

Q6. How often do you jam?

Fariha: I practice vocals everyday and I jam at least thrice a month.

Q7. What is your inspiration?

Fariha: Asha Bhosle, and Sajjad Ali

Q8.Your favorite song that you have sung so far:

Fariha: I like most of them, can’t say which one is the most favorite.

Q9. What is your record company?

Fariha: I have worked with Sonic, Lips & Sadaf.

Q10. You like live performance or studio sessions more. Why?

Fariha: I like live performances because I can interact with the audience and can get an instant feedback.

Q11. How many concerts have you done so far, and which at places?

Fariha: I have performed almost all over the world at places like UAE, USA, UK, Norway and Australia.

Q12. What was the first instrument you learnt playing and at what age?


Q13.When and how you did you get interested in music?

Fariha: From a young age, I started taking music seriously from my school days.

Q14.Your music is influenced by:

Fariha: Pop and classical.

Q15.How did your family support you in continuing your career?

Fariha: My family is very supportive and encouraging, especially my father. I like to spend time with them whenever I am free.

Q16. Share a few lines on your upcoming album and when it will be out.

Fariha: My upcoming project is my 7th album, which will release soon in the middle of this year.
I have done my best as always.

Q17. Whom have you worked with/working with?

Fariha: I have worked with Mujahid Hussain, Bagga, Ahsan Pervaiz and Sajjad Ali.

Q18. I have seen a play “Aisi Bulandi Aisi Pasti” of yours too but you didn’t continue acting and focused more on singing career. Why?

Fariha: It is because I find myself a better singer and that was my passion also.

Q19. Where does your talent come from?

Fariha: It is God gifted plus it is in my genes too. I come from a family of artists like Talat Siddiqui, Rehana Siddiqui, Naheed Siddiqui, and my cousin Arifa too. I inherited this passion for singing from my father who wanted to become a singer but his family opposed.

Q20. What are your pastimes?

Fariha: My pastimes are book reading, watching movies, going gym, doing yoga, cooking and spending time with my parents.

Q21. Who are your favorite bands and musicians?

Fariha: Jason Mraz and Shafqat Salamat

Q22. What is importance of video making for a specific song?

Fariha: It is vital so that the song can be viewed too besides being heard.

Q23. What is your biggest desire?

Fariha: I want to have my cake and eat it too.

Q24. Where does your learning come from?

Fariha: It comes from living life.

Q25. How do you take criticism?

Fariha: I take it as something positive.

Q26. Being an artist, what do you dislike the most?

Fariha: I dislike mis-commitments.

Q27.You sang last year in Sohail Rana program; share a few lines on it.

Fariha: It was a great achievement and honor. I learnt a lot from it.

Q28. I have listened to some of tributes you have paid to legends; you think it’s a good way of remembering our legends?

Fariha: Yes, definitely it is. What else?

Q29. What is your music genre?

Fariha: It is “urban popular”.

Q30.What is your biggest expectation?

Fariha: That I will find good listeners all the time.

Q31.You Define Music as:

Fariha: My passion.

Q32. What would you have been, if not a musician?

Fariha: I would have been a teacher or a successful business person.

Q33.One must know:

Fariha: The realities of life very clearly.

Q34. How do you perceive the future of music in Pakistan?

Fariha: Once the country comes out of this crisis, the sky is the limit.

Q35. What is your message to the readers of INK?

Fariha: Mean while just chill.


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